LBE Brass Quintet
Brass music for dinner functions

Our Brass Quintet offers a large selection of music which is ideal to create the atmosphere at any dinner function, along with fanfares and processional music for formal occasions.

Our typical dinner package can include:

  • Trumpet Fanfare to announce ‘dinner is served’, played by the 2 trumpeters from our Brass Quintet. Please see our Fanfare Trumpeters page for information.
  • Music as guests enter the dinning room.
  • Fanfare and processional music for the entrance of dignitaries and top table guests.
  • Background music during dinner.
  • Suitable music for any ceremonial aspects at the end of dinner (mainly for Livery, Military and Masonic dinners) can include Sung Grace, The Loving Cup and the National Anthem for Loyal Toasts.
  • The Post Horn Gallop as our finale.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.