LBE Brass Quintet
Brass music for outdoor functions and events

Our Brass Quintet is a very good choice for outdoor functions and events, with a strong sound that will carry well over a large area.

Unlike many instruments, Brass instruments are not adversely affected by direct sunlight or hot/cold conditions. Having said that, our musicians are only human and can not perform in very hot or cold conditions for long periods of time.

During the summer months we prefer to be positioned in a shaded area, with ample refreshments - playing a Brass instrument can be very thirsty work! If a shaded area is not available, we will happily provide our own Gazebo for shade.

Unfortunately we are not able to perform outdoors in wet weather, unless suitable shelter is available. Please ensure that you have an indoor contingency plan, as we do not offer refunds if our performance is cancelled due to unsuitable weather.