LBE Fanfare Trumpeters
Hints and Tips

Trumpet Fanfares aren’t just about the music, presentation is also very important. LBE Fanfare Trumpeters have performed at almost every type of event you could imagine and will always provide the best possible performance in any situation. The following hints and tips will give you some basic guidance to ensure the most effective use of your trumpet fanfares.

  • Positioning
    Fanfare Trumpeters should be positioned in the most visible area possible, preferably on a raised platform, stage, staircase or balcony/gallery. It is also important to position trumpeters near to whatever they are announcing as guests will naturally look towards the trumpeters.
  • What was that for?!
    Trumpet Fanfares need to be played for specific, key points of your function or event, otherwise your guests will be thinking - What was that for?! Never assume that guests will know what a fanfare is for, unless it is very obvious such as VIPs entering the room or a ‘winner’ being presented with a trophy. Fanfares for certain situations (such as ‘dinner is served’) need to be followed by an announcement.
  • Announcements
    Fanfare Trumpeters can work very effectively alongside a Toastmaster or MC to make announcements. For example, at the end of a ‘welcome drinks’ reception - Trumpet Fanfare followed by an announcement ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, please make your way to the dining room, dinner is served’.
  • Don’t over do it!
    Trumpet Fanfares are very effective when used sparingly, but too many fanfares in a short space of time could be classed as overkill!
  • Tell us about your event
    In order to play at the right time, we need to know what is happening - a full event schedule is always very helpful.
  • Trust our experience!
    We know what works and what doesn’t work, we will be happy to advise you!