LBE Salon Orchestra
Military Dinner Music

The LBE Salon Orchestra is managed by Steve Fletcher, an ex-military musician playing Trumpet and Cello with the band and orchestra of the Royal Artillery for 14 years. Our leader (1st Violin), Simon Lockwood was also leader of the Royal Artillery Orchestra for many of his 22 years service.

Since formation, the LBE Salon Orchestra have provided the music for military dinner functions in both Sergeant’s and Officers Mess’, regular and TA in London and the south east. Our popular 4 piece ensemble give regular performances for the 3 main annual dinners at the Naval and Military Club in St. James’ Square London (Club Dinner, Waterloo Dinner and Trafalgar Dinner).

As with all bookings, we aim to be as flexible as possible, taking your specific requirements into account. We can offer a standard dinner package (see below), or for larger functions such as Summer Balls, we can put together and co-ordinate various groups of musicians to provide music throughout the event including welcome drinks, casino room, chill out area, dinner and a top function band for after dinner dancing.

Standard dinner package (based on 4 musicians):

  • Trumpet Fanfare call to dinner
  • Traditional music as guests enter the dining room
  • Background music in various styles during dinner
  • National Anthem for Loyal Toasts
  • Regimental March of the host regiment
  • Post Horn Gallop (2 Post Horns)