LBE Salon Orchestra
Flexible in size

The LBE Salon Orchestra is available in various sizes to suit your function or event. We are happy to advise you on the size of Orchestra to choose, based on the following main factors:

  • Size of function room
  • Number of guests
  • Size of performance area/stage available
  • Your budget
  • Specific music requirements
  • Use of amplification

Popular Orchestra sizes:

4 Piece - Suitable for smaller dinner functions with up to around 150 guests. This ensemble is based on our popular Palm Court Trio (Piano, Violin and Cello doubling Trumpet), with an additional Trumpeter enabling Trumpet Fanfares with 2 Trumpets and a spectacular performance of the Post Horn Gallop.

5 Piece - As above, with the addition of String Bass giving more depth to our sound for slightly larger rooms with up to 250 guests.

7 Piece - Adding an extra Violin and Viola giving a fuller sound to the strings. Suitable for functions with up to 350 guests.

8 Piece - Add a Flute, introducing woodwind gives an extra dimension to our sound. An invaluable addition to our 7 piece.

10 Piece (+ Conductor) - Our ultimate dinner orchestra! With the addition of Oboe to boost the woodwind section and percussion to add stylish rhythms, our 10 piece orchestra is our most popular ensemble for larger dinners, having performed at functions with up to 1500 guests.

Larger Orchestras can be provided if required. For example, we have provided a 16 piece orchestra for Grand Viennese Balls (War and Peace Ball, the Russian Annual Summer Ball and the St. Petersburg Ball), performing Viennese music for dancing.