LBE String Quartet

The LBE String Quartet comes complete a high quality PA system when necessary, suitable for functions with up to around 500 guests.

As an added bonus, we can provide radio microphones for speeches, announcements or singers.

Common situations where amplification is beneficial:

During garden parties civil wedding ceremonies or wedding drinks receptions, helping our sound to carry around your venue’s grounds. Please note that we need to be positioned relatively close to an outdoor electrical socket, or a building where we can run an extension lead out of the window.

Rooms with poor acoustics
Marquees and function rooms with low ceilings, thick carpets and curtains can prevent sound from carrying very far. With speakers lifted above head level on high stands, our sound will carry around the whole room without being too loud for guests closest to us.

Large Functions
Obvious really! The more guests you have, the more ‘noise’ they will create, potentially drowning us out! We have many regular clients who insist on us using amplification, as they know from experience that they would be wasting their money if they booked musicians without amplification. For extra large functions, we can also link our system into the venue PA system - using this method we have performed at functions with as many as 1500 guests.

Church Weddings
Amplification enables us to provide a strong lead for your hymns.

Speeches and announcements
You can use our microphones, saving the cost of hiring a separate PA system.