LBE String Quartet
Music for outdoor functions

The LBE String Quartet are happy to perform outdoors, subject to weather conditions.

As any professional musician will tell you, string instruments can be damaged by unsuitable weather, including wet and excessively hot or cold conditions. Strong direct sunlight can also cause damage to our valuable instruments’ varnish, or even cause the wood to crack in extreme cases.

We will do everything possible to ensure that we can perform outdoors as planned. During the summer months, we carry a pop-up gazebo for shade in the event that no natural shade is available at your venue. This minimises the risk of having to cancel our outdoor performance. Please note that our gazebo is not suitable for use in strong wind or wet weather.

In the unfortunate (and quite rare!) circumstance that we are unable to perform outdoors due to weather conditions, there may be the possibility of playing indoors using our PA system with speakers aimed through open windows or doors.

There is one golden rule when planning an outdoor function - have an indoor contingency plan! Unfortunately we can not offer refunds or discounts if our performance is cancelled due to the weather.