LBE String Quartet
Wedding reception music

So you’ve done the nerve-racking bit, said your vows, now it’s time to relax and enjoy!

Live music during your wedding drinks reception/photographs and wedding breakfast will create a wonderful atmosphere, making your big day feel truly special. The LBE String Quartet will provide the perfect musical backdrop, playing a fantastic selection of music in various styles, something for everyone to enjoy.

We are happy to play outdoors subject to weather conditions. We can provide our own Gazebo to shade our valuable instruments from the sun, and amplification to help our sound to carry, which is especially useful if your venue has large grounds, allowing you and your guests to explore, still able to hear the music.

If you book the LBE String Quartet to continue playing during your wedding breakfast, we would move into your dining room shortly before your guests, enabling us to play as your guests enter the room and find their seats.

Now it is time for your big entrance! This is where the LBE String Quartet can do things a little differently to other String Quartets. Once all your guests are seated, Steve can play a sparkling Trumpet Fanfare as you enter the room, creating a real sense of fun and kick-starting the atmosphere!

The LBE String Quartet will then continue to play a good mixture of light and lively music throughout your meal, usually taking a short break for refreshments during the main course.

We usually conclude our performance towards the end of the meal, leaving 5 minutes to remove our equipment from the room just before the cutting of the cake and speeches.

The information above is intended as a guideline to the services we can offer. Every wedding reception is slightly different and we are more than happy to adapt our performance to suit your plans. Please contact us to discuss any ideas you may have.