LBE Wedding Trumpeters

As a general rule, your trumpeter(s) will need to be accompanied by an organist, pianist, string ensemble or similar.

Accompaniment is not needed for Trumpet Fanfares for the entrance of the Bride. Please see our Fanfare Trumpeters page for more information.

Church Weddings

Your trumpeter would usually be accompanied by the regular organist at your church. You will need to ask your organist if they are happy to work with a trumpeter and check that they are of a high enough standard to play the music of your choice. Most church organists are perfectly capable of playing our standard repertoire and are usually quite excited about accompanying a professional trumpeter! We will send the required sheet music to your organist well in advance of your wedding, giving them time to practice, or to let us know if the music is beyond their ability.

Please understand that the ability of your organist will influence your choice of music. The accompaniment music for our most popular repertoire should be playable by most church organists. However, if your organist feels that your chosen music is beyond their ability, we would be happy to provide a professional organist for you.

If no organist (or organ!) is available at your church, we can offer alternative options including our String Quartet or our Palm Court Trio which can perform all popular trumpet tunes, background music in many styles and lead your hymns.

Civil Weddings

We can provide various accompaniment options for your trumpeter, please contact us to discuss these. The most popular option would be to book our Palm Court Trio, which includes a trumpeter and a pianist with a portable digital piano to provide the accompaniment. This trio can also continue to play background music during your wedding reception.
Please see our Palm Court Trio page for more information.